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4mm Prices : -

Locomotive Kit £60

Tender Kit        £50

7mm Prices (Etches only) : -

Locomotive Kit £90

Tender Kit        £50

P&P extra at cost

Stroudley built the first two experimental C class locos in 1871.  Originally numbered 84 & 85, they were fitted with domeless boilers and Adams safety valves.  In common with other Stroudley classes, these gave trouble in service and were replaced by domes and spring balance safety valves in 1876 and 1877 respectively.  The two locomotives were extensively tested on heavy goods trains from Willow Walk to Brighton, but never had a good reputation for steaming, attributed to poor boiler circulation.  Nevertheless, the first two of the class were joined by 18 more.  Construction of the second batch during 1873-4 was divided between Kitsons, who provided 12, and Brighton Works who built a further 6.  All had domes and spring balance valves from new.

The C Class were originally numbered 77 - 96.  Between 1880 and 1883 they became 401 - 420.  One of the prototypes, number 84, became 83 in June 1876 until it received number 408.  The first of the Kitson’s batch took 85 on entering traffic.

The engines were unbraked as built, but the Westinghouse system was added to 406,8,9,10,11,13,15,18-20 between 1884 & 1887. The class had Stroudley outside frame tenders all their lives.

Withdrawals began in 1901 and were complete by 1904.


Stroudley C class 0-6-0 Goods Locomotives

Eric Gates’ C class.  

Built by Mike Waldron and painted by Eric Gates.

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