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4mm Prices : -

Locomotive Kit £60

Tender Kit        £50

7mm Prices (Etches only) : -

Locomotive Kit £90

Tender Kit        £50

P&P extra at cost

These mixed traffic locomotives were developed from the very successful D1 class tanks that were so numerous on the Brighton system.  They carried the same 4’ 3” boiler and also firebox as the Single “Abergavenny” (See the ‘Stroudley Singles’).  

The first batch entered service in two stages.  The first two locomotives, No. 300 ‘Lyons’, above, and 301 ‘Caen’ were completed in 1876/77.  These were attached originally to new Stroudley outside frame tenders, but in 1884 these were transferred to members of the C1 class and replaced by Craven versions.  Six more engines were built in 1878, Nos. 302-307, and coupled to rebuilt Craven tenders.  These eight locomotives in total had the steam brake replaced by the Westinghouse variety between 1879 and 1883.

The second batch, consisting of Nos. 308-313, was constructed in 1883, and had a number of detail differences to the first.  The most apparent were: -

The pictures of Milan and Como opposite illustrate the differences.

Stroudley D2 ‘Lyons’ Class Mixed Traffic Locomotives

The kit includes parts for both early and later versions.

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