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This series of goods locomotives began life as a solitary 0-6-2T with a radial axlebox at the rear. It had been designed by Stroudley, and this one engine had been started prior to his death in 1889. Construction was continued intermittently by his successor and then suspended before a series of design changes were made, following which No. 158 ‘West Brighton’ was completed and entered traffic in 1891.

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Locomotive Kit £110

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Billinton replaced crosshead pumps with injectors and cold boiler feed, and fitted a cast iron chimney based on the Derby pattern.  He also re-sited the toolbox from its traditional place at the rear of the bunker to the cab interior.  In 1899 a Stroudley pattern chimney had to be reintroduced because the later Billinton version was incompatible with the smokebox.

Biilinton used the design of ‘West Brighton’ as the basis for his E3 class small radials which first entered traffic in 1894, though the front coupled wheelbase was the opposite way round.  Unlike ‘West Brighton’, they were all fitted with the Westinghouse brake, and were used both for goods and suburban passenger traffic.  Further members of the class were constructed in 1895, bringing the total to sixteen. All were painted in the goods green livery until 1905 when Marsh’s lined black was introduced.

E3 No. 462 ‘Washington’ built by Eric Gates, and illustrated with his kind permission.

Driving Wheels: 4’ 6”

Trailing Wheels: 4' 0"

Wheelbase: -

West B’ton: 7’ 6” x 7’ 9” x 6’ 0”

E3              7’ 9” x 7’ 6” x 6’ 0”

Stroudley’s ‘West Brighton’ and the Billinton E3 radial tanks

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