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Carriages 1
For news of many more Stroudley and other new LB&SCR carriage stock releases, see fellow-etched kit designer Ian MacCormac’s web blog:-

Stroudley Dia.42 Lav Composite - as included in early boat trains

Price £48 inc P+P

Diag.40 Brake/1st - single compartment oil-lit   £42 inc P+P    Diag.40 Brake/1st 2 compartment gas-lit

This etch enables you to adapt the Roxey Stroudley 6 wheel bake van to

Billinton’s version of Stroudley 6 wheel brake van. Look at the roof line curvature and compare the etch and the drawing - the latter is the Stroudley original.

Ducket used either as early plain or later panelled versions

The etch has the Bilinton larger arc to give the higher roof line

 Price £10