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Examples of Slotted signals: What are shown here at present are not true prototype signals, but I am currently working on some examples taken from actual photos, which will show how the various parts are used.

Downloadable source-photos of ground signals are available by clicking on the area at the bottom of this page, and standard single-post, bracket and ‘tandem’ signals (e.g. With both Home + Distant arms) and further suggestions & instructions are available by clicking on the previous page area 1 - 4. Note the size of the photo files! Downloading without broadband will be slow.

Detail view of rotating head signal

Operating crank arrangement on face of post towards camera needed to complete

Front view with bi-directional arms, and matching, though different sized brackets

For details of these differences, see download details on previous page

Front View of Arrangement

In which I have used M.S.E. arms - which are

shorter than E.B.M ones

Various designs of Ground signals

Note the differences in height, width and type of support frame

Ground signals here are displayed by kind permission of  Ian White

“Lewes” bracket design

E.B.M’s Wide variety of Ground Signals

Fold-up slatted catwalks

“Norwood” bracket design

“Lewes” bracket design

Without curved lower edge

Below is a “glue-together” arrangement, made with no particular prototype signal in mind. It is made to display many of the components now available from my range of L.B.&S.C.R. slotted-post signals.

The range also includes early versions of the rotating head ground signals. An M.S.E. Cast whitemetal finial is used on the competed signal at right,

Items include: slot boxes, arms, brackets, landings. And actuating cranks and bearings. Prices on next page.
New etched brass EBM signal acuator unit to operate this range of slotted post signals, but also other too!

Signal actuator diagram.pdf

Download signal actuator instructions here

 Click here to download ground signal source photos
Click here to download ground signal source photos
EBM Grd sigs illustrations.pdf