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These parts are all designed to combine together to build most signal options you can view in the LB&SCR railway books.

Simple single post varieties, right through to multiple post & arm gantries as in the photos on the previous pages.

For more detailed guidance a sheet of part combinations can be downloaded two pages back on ‘Signals 1’ page (p11).

Arms are either very early plain round-end ones, from the post-through-the-signal-box-roof days, or the more well-known “hockey-stick” variety.

“Norwood” design


“Norwood” design bracket

Stocks of parts

always available

Equal status, offset home bracket signal at Horley.

Similar style of bracket signal, with ‘Lewes’ design of support bracket and central main post - at New Cross

Go to Signals 3 page to see the range of tapered posts now available

And also the new range of signal actuators being prepared to operate these under the baseboard:

Three types will be available:

*simple fixed SAU1 - for a single starter / distant / tandem with both arms

*detachable SAU2 - allowing a signal post to be detached and taken from the baseboard, but leaving the operating mechanism in place

*detachable SAU3 - a variation of SAU2 - which is attached to the left or right of the post immediately next to SAU2 (necessitated because of interlocking shapes)

Click on the signal box here to view the work done on Saxby & Farmer Type 5 signal box windows.

If anyone is interested please contact me

See artwork for new Saxby & Farmer signal box windows below: click on signal box to view!

Saxby & Farmer windows.pdf
 Hockey stick arms for early types
Lewes design bracket
EBM range of LB&SCR slotted post signals parts
  See back two pages.
Plain arms  for earliest type post-through-the-box-roof:
Lewes design bracket

Gantry cat walks £6

Ground signal sheet £12

Post-mounted rotating lamp bracket £4

Junction 2-doll brackets both designs - £5 each

Return balance levers £5

Bearings and actuating lever fret £4

Tandem double slot boxes £6            Large Brackets - both designs £6

Signal arms£5 per fret

Single signal slot boxes £5 fret

Sheets of cranks £5 each.   Slot box spacers £4