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This is the E.B.M. Range of LB&SCR carriage and wagon ‘W’ irons, ranging from the early designs fitted to Craven 4 and 6 wheeled carriages, through Stroudley and Billinton 4 and 6 wheel carriages. This is an illustration of what should cover almost all the major carriage and wagon ‘W’ iron needs for the London Brighton and South coast Railway - from around 1860 - 1900.  Braked W irons are available to replace the poor Roxey compensation fittings in their Stroudley 4 wheelers.
Some of the numerous Craven designs are here - at least those that are considered economically viable to produce.

Also included is the Goods wagon range, which includes the standard ‘W’ irons
(for 8 ton vans, open A’s, D’s etc), and earlier curved ‘W’ irons (for some earlier curiosities), and Grande Vitesse braked vehicles.

Also included are two Private owner / Railway Clearing House designs.

The proportions of what are shown below are not exactly to scale, as
They have undergone several graphic changes in different software.
However, they give the general shape.

The Craven designs are actually narrower than they appear here,

Prices are as displayed below. Please include SAE for posting - if small numbers.

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WebMaster: Mike Waldron

4mm scale w irons

Prices are : £6 per fret - with S.A.E. For posting - if small numbers.

Early Craven Carriage 1

Early Craven Carriage 3

Early Craven Carriage 4

CCWI - 3

CCWI - 4

CCWI -1                  

4mm scale Stroudley/Billinton Carrriage

Braked        & with brakes removed Unbraked

4mm scale Stroudley/Billinton Wagon

Curved                                           Straight

Wagon and Carriage W Irons

7mm scale: To date, five of these designs have been produced in 7mm scale. Price £14.00 per fret.

These are:

7CCWI - 1 - the Craven carriage W iron the same shape as  CCWI - 1  in 4mm scale

7CCWI - 3- the Craven carriage W iron the same shape as CCWI - 3  in 4mm scale

7SWWI - LB&SCR standard straight wagon W iron

7CWWI - earlier curved LB&SCR wagon W iron.

NEW PO & RCH W irons


7mm W irons:

Above: Slaters-style Carriage

Right: Straight Wagon

(Not shown - Curved wagon)

Top left: Rocking Curved wagon

Below left: Rocking Straight Wagon

£10 per fret

£8 per fret