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Grosvenor Kit etch test build: This page has some photos I took during the test builds of the Grosvenor etches.  Captions explain things. Typical of the test-building process that precedes marketing.

Grosvenor chassis; with flexichas or springing cut-outs yet to be

removed. ‘L’ shaped spacers fitted, to brace and stiffen the chassis.

Below: Boiler added. Boiler former visible in place at front of rolled boiler. Separate smokebox on l.h.s. This separate unit has been deemed too complex and prone to skewing, and so was abandoned in favour of integral smokebox, C class-style .

Large 6’ 9” driving wheel splashers have now been fitted beside the boiler and chassis alongside. The early version of the smokebox is fitted, but it was skewed, leading to the decision to abandon this style of fitting.

The replacement arrangement is simpler, with wrapper simply soldered on to extended boiler, and frame modified to a support cradle. The messy solder will clear up simply, either by re-fluxing and spreading widely and very thinly with a hot soldering iron, or scraping when cool!

Either way, it will not show under the paintwork.

Footplate, buffer beam, valences, cab attached to footplate>