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Where things are now at

As many will be aware, I have been working with Lorenzo Ricotti, and his wife Paola deMartini in France, to produce firstly Stroudley/Billinton era Locomotive names for all classes - both tank and tender locos.

This has now been extended to include Marsh era lettering also - thanks to the guidance of Barry Luck, who has born the brunt of the ‘research and development’.

Paola is now the person who is the link, and the producer, so she and I liaise - having given them both access to all my loco photos with which to compare the artwork.

I feel it is most appropriate here to record my thanks, and our group gratitude to Ian White, now a fitting Brighton Circle Carriage Steward after his joint work in producing the two magnificent volumes of 4 and 6 wheel carriages, who pioneered this production in the first place, and, when his Alps printer finally died, very generously allowed me access to his files to help guide future production from our new Anglo/Italian/French Team!

As new sets are prepared, I will add photos of them here.