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Saxby and Farmer type 5 windows for large and small signal boxes

Cracked it! Etching at home without pock-marks!

What this page contains is the latest experimentation with the artwork linked from the Home page. The artwork was produced on special film from Mega of Cambridge with black settings and highest resolution of my inkjet printer,  producing a superbly back image.

Specially coated brass stock was also from Mega in Cambridge, and the adhesive UV protection layers stripped off by hand.

Exposure was done using a small UV exposure box, and then developed in caustic soda. A good clear pattern and resist was produced.

The prepared brass was then immersed in Sodium Sulphate, instead of Ferric Chloride - a requirement of the new etching machine.

Etching took approximately half an hour, as the fluid was warmed.


G chimney


Left Some of the waste has not totally been cut through, but this won’t cause a problem. Much of this will simply push out if well supported from beneath, or file out with a fine needle file.

The use of a new German etching machine has ensure a good even etch. Inset right is the fantail

of the Arun Mill - a tower windmill to appear on my Littlehampton Marine layout.

                                                                                              Below ignore the scrappy edge:

                                                                                              this is a waste area that merely

                                                                                              holds the windows in place on the


Past efforts, that were previously illustrated here, have been superceded by this more successful outcome.

The corbels for the eaves of the S&F boxes have fared much better this time, as well as the plain brass not being pocked. Alignment of the  artwork is done by adding ‘cross-hairs- alignment marks at each corner of the phototool.

Home brewed etching