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Building diagrams 1-4 and instructions downloadable here, now!

As personally built by Eric Gates of Barrow Guerney

Displayed by kind permission

Craven / Stephenson

Single Class

- as rebuilt by Stroudley.

This seems to be one of the few groups of locos that Craven had built (most by Stephenson’s and a couple at Brighton) that can really be considered a true class, with most locos basically similar in overall form, if not in details.

They were originally constructed as 12 singles from Robert Stephenson’s in 1864, two of which were sold to Egypt, and then these in turn were replaced by products from Brighton works.

Their numbers were as follows:-

194 - 205 - of which Stroudley rebuilt nos.198 as 2-4-0 No.205  Kensington, and 204 became 2-4-0 no 204 Westminster - both of the Belgravia class.

No 203 was rebuilt into the unique single 203 “Sussex”. These three rebuilds are available as kits - see Belgravia and Sussex pages.

This kit is also available in 7mm scale

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Price £100 inc P+P 4mm scale.

Price for 7mm scale on application