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Saxby & Farmer Tapered  Signal Posts!

... are produced for all these parts to attach to.

Sizes available:

15’, 20’, 25’, 30’, 35’, 40’, 45’ to preserve proper base and top dimensions of 11” and 9”

These will be useful to all Brighton modellers, Southern Railway modellers who include elements of the LB&SCR in their era.

They come with two posts per fret, and two styles of base - square and round. The former matches the E.B.M. Method, as outlined in the download construction pages. (see at base of relevant signal pages)

No holes are provided, as each signal will need to be tailor-made to any location, with special reference to photos.

NB. Bracket support posts were not usually tapered, and are best made form K&S metal centres square tube.

Range is now available!

Price £6.00 per sheet of 2 posts

Postage will be by normal envelope

Protected by a backing pad

Please specify the full-size height of posts required

Test etches of the new signal actuating units - 3 varieties now available

Early photos of the actuator units removed from the fret, folded and laid on a piece of 1/4” K&S square brass tube - which forms the ‘socket’ mounted in the baseboard, into which a telescopically smaller piece will fit , bearing the actual signal post (in the case of demountable signals).

Prices: £5 per fret all units

The new range of 3 Signal Actuator units to operate the signal arms of this range of components:-

There are 3 types - all to attach to K & S 1/4” square brass tube:-
Simple Unit (SAU 1) to operate 1 or 2 arms on a single post - see opposite
Similar unit (SAU 2), but designed to enable the signal post to be removed from the upper baseboard, whilst retaining the linkage  to the lever frame underneath or within the baseboard itself.
A matching unit to no SAU 2 (SAU 3) , but with the design altered to enable it to be attached to two adjacent faces of the 1/4” square brass tube. Two of these used with two of the SAU 2 units will enable up to 8 arms to be operated on the one post.

The frets come with a number of different ‘bell cranks’ with ‘paddles’ folded over (with varying angles 90 degrees and otherwise - to act as pushers - which will push up against the end of the signal control wires - on which are monted soldered washers at the lower end.

These for ‘buttons’ against which the paddles bear, and push the control wires upwards. The wires are, in turn, attached to the cosmetic balance levers, and thence on up to the cranks on the front of the slot boxes. These all have to turn anti-clockwise to cause the arms to move downwards to the “off” position.

The design of the SAU 2 & 3 units is such that they interlock when mounted on the adjacent sides of the 1/4” brass tube/Slots are cut out of the top of the mountings ‘socket tube’ to accomodate the small tubes that hold the operating wires, which hold the signal arm in the “on” position, by virtue of springs mounted below the tubes and above the washer buttons.

For more details see diagrams