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Billinton 6 wheel Tricomposite Carriage: Price £48 inc P+P

This carriage below is now available in 4 mm scale - for 18.83 (S4/P4), 00 and EM gauges. It is the missing carriage from the now re-released Branchlines range.

Model during construction by the late Mr Richard Greening - formerly a fellow member of the Brighton Circle

Download information and details about TRICOMPO HERE

Carriages 1

Drawing of Stroudley Slip Brake first as oil-lit

The Branchlines Billintons are available again!

They were built in the mid 1890’s, and were used widely throughout the system, though for some reason, they were not readily caught in photographs - more often being either behind a loco, or some other foreground object.
Gladstone class “Hayling”, when it was involved in the failed bridge incident at Norwood, was pulling a number of these carriages, arranged in groups to be picked up / shed along the route.
Billinton Tricompo
For news of many more Stroudley and other new LB&SCR carriage stock releases, see fellow-etched kit designer Ian MacCormac’s web blog:-
Tricompo instructions.pdf Tricompo instruction diagrams.pdf

New Kit: Stroudley Dia.39 slip Brake/1st.

See drawing below:-

Price £48 inc P+P

D39 Slip Brake 1st: There were 4 of these built on Stroudley’s orders, and were used, along with ordinary Brake/3rds for slipping parts of trains, thereby allowing the forward part of the train to continue non-stop through the slipping destination station.

For more information on these carriages, see Ian White, Simon Turner & Sheina Foulkes’ masterly new books on 4- and 6- wheel Brighton carriages.

New 2016 release:

longer Electrically-lit D47 brake van - 22’ version as illustrated in Middleton Press book London Bridge to East Croydon involved in the Norwood Bridge collapse, first vehicle behind Gladstone ‘Hayling’

PRICE £32 inc P+P