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This was the first express passenger loco of his own design that William Stroudley built on his accession to Brighton Works. They were built amid attempts  to rationalise the chaotic legacy of John Chester Craven, at a time when little money was available.

Known as the ‘Belgravia Class’ they served with mediocre success from their entry into service until withdrawal around the turn of the 20th Century. (Dates varied for each loco)

All were similar, though the leading wheels differed a few inches in diameter from 4’ 0” to 4’ 3”. Not a hugely noticeable difference in 4mm scale.

They were attached to Stroudley outside frame tenders (also available separately from E.B.M.) or a variety of Craven tenders - no two of which seem to have been identical! The kit comes with a choice of 3 possible tenders -  typical large Craven type - designed to match both this loco and Sussex, and a smaller version, that was attached to “Westminster”, as well as many of the D2 class also. Also the Stroudley outside frame tender - which can be viewed on the C and C1 class pages above.

The two immediately obvious differences were the side frames - appearing either roughly “triangular” around the axle boxes, or ‘looped’ with a continuous straight bottom edge (as seen in top photo). The Craven tender will also be available separately. Such a tender can be viewed on the next page.

Number Series: 201, 202 & 204-7 - later 5xx, then 6xx

Price: £110:  Loco - £60, tender of choice £50. Postage and packing included

Tenders that were attached during their lives:

201 Belgravia - Large Craven / Stroudley ouside frame

202 Goodwood- Large Craven / Stroudley outside frame

204 Kensington - Large Craven

“Belgravia” Class 2-4-0 Express Passenger Loco

205 Westminster - Small Craven

206 Carisbrooke - Large Craven

207 Freshwater - Large Craven

On the Sussex page there is a supplementary download for ongoing hints, tips, corrections to instructions, etc. (Page 6 bottom right corner)

Test etches during building

Ian White’s Belgravia under construction- Boiler, footplate and cab, with chassis underneath

 Mashima 10xx series motor mounted on chassis

I am indebted to Ian White for permission to reproduce these photos here.

Belgravia Class

More photos

on the

gallery page!

This kit is now

supplied to order

The finished kit - fully liveried

as  204 Kensington with

Large Craven tender. Built

in 00 finescale by Ian White.

See his website for his early

LB&SCR layout. Viewed:-

Download details here about Belgravia here.
Warning No 6 is photos - 3Mb in size!