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E.B.M. Tenders

Tenders available - and the locos  to which they were attached

These 3 photos, whilst none too clear in quality, (and, in a couple of cases, reversed for the sake of comparison) do at least illustrate that point.

E.B.M. also supply the Stroudley outside frame tender - which is seen attached to both the C and C1 classes on previous pages, and below.

Both “Belgravia” and “Goodwood” were attached to outside frame tenders latterly.

Downloads: 1 - photos (1.4mb)    

2 - instructions and

3 - construction diagrams for Craven tenders

Download instructions for Stroudley o/f tender.

Construction Diagrams for this tender are on

the C class page - Download 5

Partially complete test build of etchings of Craven Small tender as seen bottom left attached to Belgravia class no. 204 “Westminster”


Attached to various locos:


above and below


Below is a rear view of detail of the Stroudley Outside Frame tender - as fitted to C class 0-6-0 No 405

Craven Tenders:

There are basically two Craven tenders that feature in the EBM range:
Both were attached to Belgravia class locos, but also one to Sussex as
well, (Go to the relevant pages for further details)

These I have named simply as the “large” and the “small” tenders
- so as to distinguish them apart.
The large tender is slightly larger in body size and capacity, and appear
to be have been fitted with either 3’ 9” or 4’ 0” wheels.
(Sussex appeared to have the latter, and the Belgravias had the former)

The smaller tender was fitted to many of the earlier
D2 class, as well as ‘Westminster’ of the Belgravia class.
Click here for the new article on Stroudley Outside Frame tenders. It is a compilation of information  of information mainly derived from Bradley’s “Locomotives of the L B & S C R Volume 1”, and photographs of the C and C1 classes with their tenders attached.
On the Sussex page there is a supplementary download for ongoing hints, tips, corrections to instructions, etc. (Page 6 bottom right corner)
Craven tender photos.pdf Craven tender Instructions.pdf Tender Diagrams.pdf O_F Tender Instructions.pdf