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It appears that the Stroudley singles were largely unknown away from the south Coast, but formed the final design of single wheelers seen south of the Thames, after the turn of the 20th century and the gradual increase of passenger stock weight and capacity. In his usual cautious way, Stroudley introduced Grosvenor first in 1874, with a 4’ 5” boiler, 17” X 24” cylinders, and 6’ 9” driving wheels. It was truly a stately and powerful single.

He later built Abergavenny in 1877, which went to the other extreme, with smaller cylinders - 16” x 22” and 4’ 3” boiler - also seen on the D2 and Richmond. Available power was significantly less, and he finalised by building 24 of what became the “production” model in 1880 - known as the G class with larger cylinders - 17” X 24”, but basically the same dimensions as Abergavenny - with a slightly longer rear wheelbase (7’ 11” instead of 7’ 9”).

Despite the single driving wheels, these locos gave stalwart service for many years over the Portsmouth route, despite considerably large variations in topography and resulting heavy gradients.

Their demise came with Douglas Earle Marsh’s opinion that much more powerful locos were required for the needs of 20th Century passenger traction.

Stroudley Singles

“Grosvenor” as built no.151, fitted at this time with Stroudley outside frame tender  having first appeared with a Craven Large tender.  For these, see tender page.

Unique large single No.326 “Grosvenor” (formerly 151) with inside frame tender

Standard ‘production’ G single class

No 331 “Fairlight” with inside frame tender

Stroudley singles:

Now available to order.

There are essentially two kits to cover all three versions of what became the G class:

- Grosvenor

- Abergvenny and G class

They come with choice of tender

either Stroudley’s outside- or inside-framed. It is unlikely that the final ‘production’ G class actually ever ran with the outside-framed tender - as no photographs appear with them attached.

Click on 4 for ‘Novel single drive’ article

Downloads of information, instructions and diagrams

Price £110:

Loco - £60

Tender of choice - £50

Postage and packing included

Unique small single No 325 “Abergavenny”.
This kit is available with original parallel-sided smokebox wingplate, as seen here, as well as the later, and more usual reverse-curve shape used on the G class.

The Stroudley outside frame tender (See right - behind Grosvenor), as originally fitted, also available as alternative to inside frame tender, as fitted in later years. It ran with a small Craven tender (also available on request) for a brief time.
Loco Diagrams G-2.pdf Loco Diagrams G-1.pdf G class Instructions1.pdf Novel 2-2-2 drive.pdf