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No 611 “Cavendish” (formerly 211/511 “Beaconsfield” with inside frame tender

All were outshopped with the outside frame tender (see tender pages as one of EBM products) and all were later given the inside frame tender, as issued to the Gladstones, and the later batch of D2’s.

Numbering changes occurred from 2XX to 5XX series in 1897, and again to 6XX in 1900/01

No 208 “Richmond” with inside frame tender, and the unusual brake gear unique to this member of the class - also included as an option in the kit

Price£110:  Loco - £60, Tender of choice £50 Postage and packing included

Richmond class:

 Kit is available with either Outside (early) or Inside (later) Frame tender

This kit is now supplied to order

The kit built as 612 “Hartington” in full Stroudley Passenger livery. Tender produced by Albion Models

Model owned by Raphael Whittle, of the Brighton Circle, and reproduced by kind permission.

Model built by professional model builder the late Adrian Prescott, who passed away earlier this year.                         


This class, known sometimes understandably, but erroneously as the D3 class, appeared as a natural further development of the very successful D2 class of mixed traffic locos.

It was effectively the precursor to the famous “Gladstone” class, in which Stroudley made some significant changes to items within his standardisation policy, in such details as front buffer beam height and depth, wider footplate, multi-valve crosshead pump, steel frames instead of iron, and steam driving wheel flange lubrication.
They were:-

208 Richmond   209 Devonshire
210 Cornwall    (later 610 Belgravia from Oct 1901)
211 Beaconsfield (Cavendish from Nov 1885)
212 Hartington   213 Norfolk