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0-4-2 D2 class Mixed Traffic loco: Kit now available to order.

Kit includes parts for both early and later versions. See below.

It can be supplied with either outside frame tender (above illustration),

Craven small tender, as fitted to Milan (middle Illustration),

or the inside frame tender - fitted to Paris (lower illustration)

No 300 Lyons with

outside frame tender

0-4-2 D2

No 313 Paris with

inside frame tender

Price £110:

Loco - £60, tender of choice £50 Postage and packing included

Download instructions and diagrams here:

1. Instructions   2. Diagram 1   3. Diagram 2

No 303 Milan with

small Craven tender

The mixed traffic locos were developed from the very successful D1 tank locos that were so numerous on the Brighton system. They carried the same 4’ 3” boiler as the G single, with the first batch commenced with 300 ‘Lyons’ in 1876-8 - from which  the class got its name - above - and later the second batch, as exampled below with 313 ‘Paris’.

Paris achieved fame with the elusive daily Grande Vitesse perishable cross-Channel goods services, about which not a great deal is known.

The earlier batch, as can be seen below, had side-mounted clack valves,  reversing lever partially hidden behind firebox lagging, shallow buffer beam, wooden bakes, and front guard irons further forward.

The later 1883 batch had exposed
reversing lever, cast iron brakes
partially hidden clacks that were
fitted underneath the boiler, and
parallel full-depth buffer beams.
Loco Diagrams D2-1.pdf D2 Class Instructions.pdf Loco Diagrams D2-2.pdf