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4mm Prices : -

Locomotive Kit £60

Tender Kit        £50

7mm Prices (Etches only) : -

Locomotive Kit £90

Tender Kit        £50

P&P extra at cost

The kit built as No. 200 ‘Dieppe’ by Eric Gates of the Brighton Circle, and illustrated with his kind permission.

The Ex Craven Singles: The 1864 Robert Stephenson Singles & 1865-6 Brighton Replacements, as rebuilt by Stroudley

Stephenson built single ‘Portsmouth’ running as number 195.  Note that the large spring balance safety valves have been retained on the dome after Stroudley’s rebuilding.

A large Craven tender is attached.

‘Dieppe’ is another Stephenson built locomotive, shown renumbered as 490 in 1887.  The Westinghouse brake is in evidence, with the pump mounted on the firebox side.  A small Craven tender was attached.

This is the only photograph known to EBM which shows a rebuild without the spring balance safety valves.

Below is ‘Pevensey’ after renumbering from 196 to 485 in 1888.  This was a Brighton built engine. Note that the weatherboard is vertical unlike other members of the class where it was curved.  The kit includes this alternative.

A small Craven tender is attached.

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