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This locomotive was a rebuild of the Stephenson single of 1864 No. 203 - one of a number that Stroudley undertook in 1871.

In order to accommodate a larger firebox the original frames were extended by 1' 3" at the rear.  Sussex first appeared with Adams safety valves, but experience led to these being replaced with Salter valves, as with the C and Belgravia classes.

The 16"x 23" pistons were most unusual for Brighton works - Sussex being the only engine to carry them. However, it was a good performer, and held its own on Brighton to London expresses well into the days of the Richmond & Gladstone 0-4-2 classes.

In 1893 Sussex was, for some reason, fitted with a version of Joy valve gear - with a hydraulic mechanism to operate it - that did not always operate flawlessly at slow speed.  This tended to throw the loco into reverse whilst moving slowly forward, and vice versa.  Happily, it never happened at high speed.

After running 705,575 miles by 1895, it was withdrawn, though stored at Brighton shed for a couple more years.

4mm Prices : -

Locomotive Kit £60

Tender Kit        £50

P&P extra at cost

Either version may be built from the kit.

Stroudley Single ‘Sussex’ Express Passenger Locomotive

Pictures of the test build in progress.

‘Sussex’ in her  original guise with Adams safety valves and domeless boiler, and without the Westinghouse brake.

‘Sussex’ as modified in 1876. The Adams fittings have been replaced by a dome with spring balance safety valves, and the Westinghouse brake fitted.

Both pictures show ‘Sussex’ with a large Craven tender.

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